Package de.tabacha.cgo

The base classes for ConwayGo.


Interface Summary
BackgroundGame A data model for a game of ConwayGo played in another Thread in the background.
Board A data model for (conway)go boards.
Constants Defines all the constants needed throughout this package.
Engine Implementing classes think about positions and try to find the best moves.
Game A data model for a game of ConwayGo.
GameListener Classes that implement this listener are notified when something in the game has changed.

Class Summary
AbstractEngine Basic implementation of Engine supports initialization and internationalization.
DefaultBoard The 19x19 board from the game Go.
DefaultGame Represents one game of conwaygo: two players and a board.
Field Just one field on the 19*19 board.
GameEvent Holds information about a change in the game.
Jump A move where the ball jumps.
Move One move a player makes in the game.
Put A move where a piece is put on the board.

Exception Summary
InvalidMoveException Indicates that a move returned by a routine is invalid.

Package de.tabacha.cgo Description

The base classes for ConwayGo.

The data model for the GUI classes; the interfaces and the default implementations for the game.