Uses of Interface

Packages that use Board
de.tabacha.cgo The base classes for ConwayGo.  
de.tabacha.cgo.gui The classes for the graphical user interface.  
de.tabacha.cgo.strategy Contains the engines that play ConwayGo.  
de.tabacha.cgo.tournament Classes for playing tournaments and contests (for computer engines).  

Uses of Board in de.tabacha.cgo

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo that implement Board
 class DefaultBoard
          The 19x19 board from the game Go.

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo that return Board
 Board Board.upsideDown()
          Returns a copy of this board mirrored along the x-axis.
 Board DefaultBoard.upsideDown()
 Board DefaultGame.getBoard()
          Returns the board with the game position.
 Board Game.getBoard()
          Returns the board with the game position.

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo with parameters of type Board
 Move Engine.think(Board position)
          Routine thinks here.

Uses of Board in de.tabacha.cgo.gui

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.gui that return Board
 Board BoardComponent.getBoard()
          Returns the board model.

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.gui with parameters of type Board
 Move HumanPlayer.think(Board position)
          Registers this object to the editor as a mouse listener and waits until the move is completed.
 void BoardComponent.setBoard(Board board)
          Sets a new board.

Uses of Board in de.tabacha.cgo.strategy

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.strategy that return Board
protected  Board NoRecursionTemplate.board()
          Returns a fast and small and immutable implementation of the Board interface.

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.strategy with parameters of type Board
 int ValueCalculator.getValue(Board b, Move m, int minRow, int maxRow)
 void Evaluator.evaluate(Board b, Move m, int minRow, int maxRow)
protected  void Evaluator.evaluateAtLevel(int i, Board b, Move m, int minRow, int maxRow)
 Move MikeGo.think(Board position)
          Thinking here.
 Move NoRecursionTemplate.think(Board position)
          Thinking here.
 Move Dude.think(Board position)
          Returns the best move.

Uses of Board in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament that return Board
 Board TournamentGame.getBoard()
          Returns the board with the game position.