Uses of Interface

Packages that use Constants
de.tabacha.cgo The base classes for ConwayGo.  
de.tabacha.cgo.gui The classes for the graphical user interface.  
de.tabacha.cgo.strategy Contains the engines that play ConwayGo.  
de.tabacha.cgo.tournament Classes for playing tournaments and contests (for computer engines).  

Uses of Constants in de.tabacha.cgo

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo that implement Constants
 class AbstractEngine
          Basic implementation of Engine supports initialization and internationalization.
 class DefaultBoard
          The 19x19 board from the game Go.
 class DefaultGame
          Represents one game of conwaygo: two players and a board.
 class Field
          Just one field on the 19*19 board.
 class Jump
          A move where the ball jumps.
 class Move
          One move a player makes in the game.
 class Put
          A move where a piece is put on the board.

Uses of Constants in de.tabacha.cgo.gui

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo.gui that implement Constants
 class BoardComponent
          A swing component for displaying a (conway)go board.
 class CgoRootPane
          Root pane for conwaygo with menu bar, board, etc.
(package private)  class HumanPlayer
          The strategy is: The user makes the move.

Uses of Constants in de.tabacha.cgo.strategy

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo.strategy that implement Constants
 class Dude
          Dumb strategy, mainly for testing purposes.
 class FiveTypes
          Strategy for ConwayGo.
 class MikeGo
          My old strategy, converted from pascal.
 class ModernMikeGo
          Does roughly the same as MikeGo, but uses the NoRecursionTemplate class.
 class NoRecursionTemplate
          Template to simplify the writing of simple engines that only test the first move.
 class SimpleEngine
          Sample implementation of NoRecursionTemplate.

Uses of Constants in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament that implement Constants
 class TournamentGame
          Represents one game of conwaygo: two players and a board.