Uses of Interface

Packages that use Game
de.tabacha.cgo The base classes for ConwayGo.  
de.tabacha.cgo.tournament Classes for playing tournaments and contests (for computer engines).  

Uses of Game in de.tabacha.cgo

Subinterfaces of Game in de.tabacha.cgo
 interface BackgroundGame
          A data model for a game of ConwayGo played in another Thread in the background.

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo that implement Game
 class DefaultGame
          Represents one game of conwaygo: two players and a board.

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo that return Game
 Game GameEvent.getGame()
          Returns the game where this event evolved.

Constructors in de.tabacha.cgo with parameters of type Game
GameEvent(Game game, boolean direction)
GameEvent(Game game, boolean playerDirection, Move move)
          Called when a move has been performed.
GameEvent(Game game, boolean direction, Move move, java.lang.String message)

Uses of Game in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament that implement Game
 class TournamentGame
          Represents one game of conwaygo: two players and a board.