Uses of Interface

Packages that use GameListener
de.tabacha.cgo The base classes for ConwayGo.  
de.tabacha.cgo.gui The classes for the graphical user interface.  
de.tabacha.cgo.tournament Classes for playing tournaments and contests (for computer engines).  

Uses of GameListener in de.tabacha.cgo

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo with parameters of type GameListener
 void DefaultGame.addGameListener(GameListener listener)
 void DefaultGame.removeGameListener(GameListener listener)
 void Game.addGameListener(GameListener listener)
          Adds a GameListener that will be notified of game events.
 void Game.removeGameListener(GameListener listener)
          Removes a GameListener.

Uses of GameListener in de.tabacha.cgo.gui

Classes in de.tabacha.cgo.gui that implement GameListener
 class CgoRootPane
          Root pane for conwaygo with menu bar, board, etc.

Uses of GameListener in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.tournament with parameters of type GameListener
 void TournamentGame.addGameListener(GameListener listener)
 void TournamentGame.removeGameListener(GameListener listener)