Uses of Class

Packages that use Jump
de.tabacha.cgo The base classes for ConwayGo.  
de.tabacha.cgo.gui The classes for the graphical user interface.  
de.tabacha.cgo.strategy Contains the engines that play ConwayGo.  

Uses of Jump in de.tabacha.cgo

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo with parameters of type Jump
protected  void DefaultBoard.jump(Jump move)
          Moves the ball around the field.

Uses of Jump in de.tabacha.cgo.gui

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.gui with parameters of type Jump
protected  void BoardComponent.performJump(Jump jump)
          Performs a jump.

Uses of Jump in de.tabacha.cgo.strategy

Methods in de.tabacha.cgo.strategy with parameters of type Jump
protected  boolean SimpleEngine.jumpFound(Jump j, int min, int max)
protected abstract  boolean NoRecursionTemplate.jumpFound(Jump j, int min, int max)
protected  boolean ModernMikeGo.jumpFound(Jump j, int min, int max)
protected  boolean FiveTypes.jumpFound(Jump j, int min, int max)